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How much do you know the concrete mixing plant?

To do a how much money every day similar to this problem we can encounter, because the development of urban infrastructure, do concrete mixing plant is a big trend, and now the word is very small urban concrete mixing plant Of the fiery , whether it is to do the optimization or to do the promotion, want to put it in front. How much money does it cost to build a concrete mixing plant? How much is it to do a concrete mixing plant? Before answering this question, first of all we need to understand the concrete mixing plant model, different types of concrete mixing plant equipment,

 concrete mixing plant of different sizes, different production, different profits, the price is not the same. In terms of large and small in terms of it, the general small mixing plant is the hourly output of 60 cubic meters below the mixing plant equipment. Small concrete mixing plant common models are hzs25, hzs35, hzs50, hzs60 and other models, a single device investment is not a large, generally ranging from 20-30 million. Medium is generally hzs75, hzs90, hzs120, compared to speaking, the output is relatively large, suitable for building small commercial concrete mixing plant, or engineering mixing plant project. General investment in the 50-90 million or so.90 concrete mixing plant Large-scale mixing plantis mainly hzs180, hzs240 mixing station, and this large-scale concrete mixing plant because of the larger production, equipment covers an area of relatively large, mainly for large-scale projects and large commercial concrete mixing plant, equipment investment in 150 -240 million or so. See the above offer, there may be customers such a question, why are the range price. Concrete mixing plant equipment is like a computer, he is based on the configuration of the different prices are by a certain gap, different configuration prices are different, we seem the same mixing plant equipment, different manufacturers produce different components prices Different, such as the new wind construction plant hzs60 mixing plant , the use of the master of the mixer and the use of ordinary mixing host price is different, some customers may want to build a simple hzs60 concrete mixing plant, the need for less configuration, and some customers may Want to do business mixed mixing station, the configuration requirements of the relatively high, then their price is certainly different. If it is in the rural areas to do the mixing plant, then do a small mixing plant more appropriate, because the rural market every day the amount of concrete is not a large amount of building a large not only large investment, and purely waste, so small mixing plant more suitable for rural market. First, the small mixing plant investment less, the user can bear the starting; Second, the small mixing plant production to meet user needs.
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Each portable concrete plant manufactured by Haomei adopts high quality material and well known brands spare parts. Haomei has ranked to the leading manufacturer of portable concrete plant because it is highly durable under various conditions and its customized design makes its price worthwhile.

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