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Large concrete plant need to know problems in the installation

Large commercial concrete mixing station after delivery to the user scene, then into concrete mixing plant equipment installation and debugging, the core stage, how to effectively guarantee the future installation of concrete mixing station low failure rate, and deal with small problems such factors, all need to users and large concrete mixing plant equipment understanding factory technical person

When debugging control system to reset the emergency button, closed electric power contained in the public, after connect on each branch circuit breaker, control circuit, power supply switches, control the power switch, observe the electrical system if there is any abnormal phenomenon, if have immediately check; Open the button of each motor and test run of the motor to correct, if not correct should immediately adjust; Start the pump concrete mixing station, after waiting for air pressure is achieved according to the button labeled start each pneumatic door, check whether the action is flexible; Zero and sensitivity for microcomputer; Check whether the switch of air compressor is normal, the barometer show whether it is right, adjust the pressure relief valve to standard scope; To test run of mixer, and see whether any ring, the parts whether can work normally; During the debugging of belt conveyor to operate, check whether the roller running in the process of operation, flexible to watch belt, does not have a swing, running deviation, edge grinding, skid, deformation, and so on and so forth; In the debug concrete batching machine must ingredients button, more to see if the precision of the flexible and can be configured, and then in the debug ingredients.
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Each portable concrete plant manufactured by Haomei adopts high quality material and well known brands spare parts. Haomei has ranked to the leading manufacturer of portable concrete plant because it is highly durable under various conditions and its customized design makes its price worthwhile.

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