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investment of concrete mixing station

First of all, the investment of a mobile concrete mixers need to how much money which is not a fixed amount, specifically, the amount of investment is determined by the following aspects: concrete mixing station scale, including several mixing stations, mixing station covers an area of, the concrete mixing station mixing equipment based on this. Hand, concrete mixing station is higher than the general engineering investment cost of concrete batching plant price , itself than goods station station engineering equipment price is high, plus equipment, goods station occupied area etc.. The pre planned production capacity of concrete mixing station. The expected production capacity of different mixing station, there is also the difference between the amount of investment required. Such as pre planned production capacity is relatively large, which requires mixing quantity, station equipment and raw materials demand on the concrete meets certain requirements, which will increase the project investment. Regional differences are different concrete batching plant for sale into different factors. Regional differences in different main influence is to the whole mixing station area and staff salary expenses of the two area, the greater the difference, the demands for funds is different.

Of course, in the actual investment in production, may also contain a number of other expenses, but these expenditures relative to several expenses mentioned above is not worth mentioning. As for whether the loan, generally some banks can go to the local part of the loan, unless there are special provisions area.

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Each portable concrete plant manufactured by Haomei adopts high quality material and well known brands spare parts. Haomei has ranked to the leading manufacturer of portable concrete plant because it is highly durable under various conditions and its customized design makes its price worthwhile.

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